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Image: Sara Hysong-Shimazu

Tahlequah’s Pregnancy and Why I’m Cautiously Optimistic

Photo taken under NMFS Permit #19091 SR3/NOAA/SEA The summer of 2018 was perhaps one of the most stressful summers I have had during my time working to protect Southern Resident orcas, a unique and highly endangered community of orcas who live in the waters off the west coast of the U.S. and Canada.  That summer,…

I'm an Orca Hero!

Everyone can be an Orca Hero!

Orca Action Month is an annual time to gather the human community of the Pacific Northwest around the endangered Southern Resident orca population, sharing their story and taking action to support their recovery.  June is always a busy month for me. Normally, it’s filled with traveling to festivals with our partners in Seattle, joining groups…

North Atlantic right whale

We were SO close

We were so close. Because of the past couple of years, June makes me incredibly nervous. In June of 2019, I heard the news of two right whale deaths in one day, only to find out about another soon after. June seems to be prime time for right whales to be accidentally killed by passing…

Whales, dolphins, porpoises and healthy seas under lockdown

Anyone watching blue, humpback or sperm whales can clearly see and hear the power-packed spout that comes just before they suck in a deep breath. Are whales and dolphins noticing  that the human world has slowed down? Has it changed what they see, hear, and experience? If you are able to make a donation, it…

Environmentalists for BLM

Breaking down the racial barriers to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The recovery of whale populations is key to mitigating climate change. Climate change disproportionately impacts communities of color. The whale world is disproportionately white. None of this has been lost on many of us in the whale world.  I have had numerous conversations with colleagues over the years contemplating the lack of diversity in our…

Orca Action Month save the date - June 2020

Orca Action Month goes online!

Whamily, it’s almost that time again – time to celebrate, honor, and dive in to actions to help Southern Resident orcas in our annual Orca Action Month festivities.  This year is going to look a little different.  Along with the health of the Southern Resident orcas, the health of our communities is a top priority,…