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Save the whales, save the world – convincing governments that whales will help us fight the climate crisis

Help save the world by saving the whales with a donation Yes. I’ll donate Whales store harmful carbon Like trees, these magnificent giants remove harmful carbon from our atmosphere and store it in their bodies and they do this simply by eating their favourite food – tiny plant-like creatures called phytoplankton. These little marvels absorb…

‘Tis the Season to be Eco-Friendly

Yesterday, I was walking through the aisles of holiday supplies at a local store when I heard a couple having a jokingly heated argument about if a giftbox was technically considered “wrapping”. They asked me to be the tiebreaker and I firmly voted that a gift box IS a form of wrapping (convince me otherwise…

Amazing, beautiful Commerson’s dolphins and what we’re doing to protect them

Have you heard of Commerson’s dolphins?  These little-known dolphins are beautiful, full of character and in trouble. We’ve been studying and working to protect them for 25 years now and to celebrate I thought I’d share the lives of these remarkable dolphins with you, including the story of a wonderful dolphin mother named Frank. WDC…


My Gratitude List: Whales, Dolphins, and YOU

That is until one day when I saw a different kind of article that piqued my interest. This article covered the psychology of a prolonged period of stress and how it affects our brains and our bodies. The scientist in me was completely fascinated by the facts but I also realized it was currently and…

Dolphin in captivity

Ending whale and dolphin captivity in the US – how our fight continues

Canada banned whale and dolphin captivity last year, leaving two facilities holding captive individuals: Vancouver Aquarium and MarineLand. If you are able to make a donation, it would mean the world to us. YES. I’LL DONATE. In 2019, Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut applied for federal approval to import five belugas from MarineLand under a research permit,…

Sperm whale

From Whaling to Whale Watching

One topic I find myself always coming back to is how our view of whales has changed so much over the decades. I first traveled to Massachusetts to start an internship with WDC to study and watch whales. During my internship, I met people who had come from all over the world to this whale…