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Britain’s Whale Hunters – an initial review of the BBC series

“You went away a boy and you came back a man”, so says one of the last of the British whalers interviewed for Adam Nicolson’s two part story telling the history of British whaling that aired for the first time on the 8th June. This is my review written as the programme aired, so please…

The whale hunters killing in the name of Science

On a day when the Japanese Prime Minister once again pledged the Japanese taxpayer to foot an increasingly costly programme to reopen Antarctic whaling, the BBC is reflecting on British whaling in Antarctica and its place in history. The contrast could not be more real. One country with a tradition of whaling, the UK, consigning…

So Much to See At the Scottish Dolphin Centre – I Don’t Know Where to Look

Well these past few weeks have been a hive of activity here at Spey Bay, there is so much wildlife I literally don’t know where to point my binoculars! Today alone there have been ospreys fishing in the river, successfully I might add too, seals swimming in the Spey and bottlenose dolphins breaching and feeding…

Global interest in report on impacts of marine renewable energy on whales and dolphins

While generating increasing amounts of energy from marine renewable sources such as wind, wave or tides could help reduce our overreliance on fossil fuels, marine renewable energy developments (MREDs) that are designed, placed, built, operated and decommissioned without a thought for their potential impact on local whale and dolphin populations could prove disastrous.  To highlight…

Hello Kesslet !

Hi Everyone, I had an unexpected visitor turn up at Chanonry Point yesterday – Kesslet, who has been happily catching salmon for the last week in The Kessock Channel with her son Charlie decided to come for a change of scenery. You can see in the photo above Kesslet giving a cheeky little breach and…

Why are we trashing our oceans?

Today is World Environment Day – a day to appreciate all that is magical about the natural world that surrounds us but also a day for us all to take a long, hard look at the effects our lifestyles are having on the planet. One of the major growing threats, to both humans and wildlife,…