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A dolphin using a sponge tool (S.Allen, Shark Bay Dolphin Research)

Did you know dolphins use tools? Meet the Shark Bay spongers …

Like humans, dolphins live in societies with unique cultures. Like us, they bond with others who share similar traditions and habits. In Shark Bay, Australia, bottlenose dolphin society is multicultural and awesome  There are the beachers – dolphins who chase fish onto the seashore,  temporarily beaching themselves in the process, and the shellers who lift…

Text says "Does social and racial justice have a place in saving whales? Then below that is a simple drawing of a humpback whale and to the right of the whale, white text says "Yes, it does." In small text, is at the bottom.

Does social and racial justice have a place in saving whales?

The short answer is YES. The planet needs whales and whales need us, ALL of us, not just some of us. Whales have a very busy job as the ocean’s gardeners, bringing nutrients to a floating forest which gives us half our oxygen, sequesters carbon, and supports fish stocks.  We need them. Saving whales is…

basketball hoop graphic

Humpback whale “swallows” a diver? Not exactly.

For any media inquiries, please give us a call at 508-746-2522. Let’s break it down – Could a diver fit in a humpback whale’s mouth? Yes. When fully open, a humpback’s mouth is quite spacious – it could fit an entire basketball hoop and could have made a cool twist to the new LeBron James…

One world ocean – why we need to think globally and act locally

On World Ocean(s) Day let’s remember that there is only one ocean on our world. All the water flows through one connected system and this was illustrated to me when I was on an expedition in Greenland. Oceanographers were finding chemical fallout from nuclear tests carried out in Russia in the early 1960s. It had…

Image of commercial whale watch boat with lots of passengers onboard with a humpback fluke in the foreground

Three new companies join the Whale SENSE community

Working on the Whale SENSE program ties together two of my favorite things – whales and my home state. In 2011, the first New Jersey whale watching company, Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center, joined Whale SENSE. They were soon joined by  Cape May Whale Watcher in 2013. Being a Jersey native, I of…

Kylie Schwartz

How Kylie Made A Whale of A Difference

Amanda shared with me that Kylie was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer during her senior year of college. During her 8 months of treatment, Kylie had one day that completely changed her outlook. Kylie’s mom shared, “One day in the hospital, Kylie was coming back from a wheelchair ride with her dad when she…