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Marine Mammal Protection Act

Hotbed of Harassment: Dolphins under Assault in Panama City, Florida

A Panama City, Florida dolphin tour operator was recently fined for harassment under the US Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). On July 8, 2014, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrative Law Judge upheld a fine issued by NOAA’s Office of General Counsel that assessed a civil penalty of $4,500 on Blue Dolphin Tours and its boat captain for their…

Mums The Word…

I have some great news from the Inner Moray Firth about two of our adoption dolphin girls – Spirit and Moonlight have had new babies recently ! Barbara from the Aberdeen University Lighthouse Field Station and I have held this news back for a week or so just to make absolutely sure. We always like…


Nachwuchs im Moray Firth!

Hallo zusammen, es gibt tolle Neuigkeiten aus dem Moray Firth: Patendelfin Happy und ihre Freundin Spirit haben beide kürzlich Nachwuchs bekommen! Barbara von der Feldstation der Universität Aberdeen, die im Leuchtturm stationiert ist, und ich haben diese Neuigkeiten vor ca. einer Woche erfahren, wollten aber erst ganz sicher sein, bevor wir sie mit euch teilen.…

A ’Bonnie’ Fish For Breakfast…

Hi Everyone, I did one of my “low tide ’til high tide” shifts at Chanonry Point very early yesterday as the weather was reasonable for a change and I had a few dolphins sighted & identified during the 6 hours or so. The first dolphin to appear just after sunrise was big ID#706 – a…


Russian orca capture activities moving into high gear — but are captors acting without permits?

The sordid details are now emerging of further orca capture activities in the Russian Far East southwestern Okhotsk Sea. The two orcas captured in mid-July, and reported here earlier, have been shipped to China. And now we have learned that two more orcas were captured in the Okhotsk Sea in late July. The legality of…


New baby for the Southern Residents!

There’s a new arrival in the Southern Resident pod! A brand new calf, estimated at less than a week old, was spotted off San Juan Island over the weekend by the Center for Whale Research.  This is the first new baby seen since 2012, when two calves were born – one in J pod and…