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Whilst the EU sacrifices political capital for Greenlandic whaling, what are Greenland and the Faroese doing?

So the EU Commission is extending itself to support Greenland’s demands for overturning the IWC’s accepted criteria for aboriginal subsistence whaling (ASW), but what is Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Denmark’s two North Atlantic overseas territories doing to help the EU Commission? Well, nothing it would seem. The Arctic Journal reports that whilst ‘foreign policy in…

Has The Netherlands broken ranks to criticise Greenlandic whaling?

The EU Commission has been working hard to keep all EU members aligned with its instructions that they must support Denmark and Greenland and to date, has suffered no criticism without retalitory private hand slaps being handed out to wayward countries that didn’t swallow the Greenland pitch that it should be able to sell to tourists…

Scottish Dolphin Centre Says Goodbye To Old Friends

This weeks blog has been written by our Summer Guide, Heather, about what we have been saying goodbye to here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre this week. After their much awaited arrival at the beginning of April we are now seeing the osprey visits dwindle and soon the remaining ospreys will begin their migration of…


Will New Zealanders Vote for Dolphins?

New Zealand has a national election campaign running until 20 September. Until now it was difficult to tell where each political party stood on the matter of saving the endangered New Zealand (Hector’s and Māui) dolphin. This smallest of all the dolphins with the rounded dorsal fin is beloved around the world but they’re being…

Sometimes there are no words

Date: September 3rd, 2014. Destination: Iceland Location: Whaling station, Hvalfjörður Target: Fin whale #109 of the season The IWC is meeting in Slovenia this September. A new report on fin whaling in Iceland can be found here. There continues to be overwhelming public opposition to Icelandic whaling. Help WDC stop this cruel activity today.


Who really benefits from the EU Commission’s drive to deliver Greenland a quota?

With apologies to Abba Eban, one used to be able to say that ‘the EU could always be counted on to do the right thing…but only after they have exhausted all other possibilities’. And, whilst that particular line is a cliché applied to many nations and institutions, it’s normally true in my experience in respect…