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A Happy New Year for Orcas!

Rumors started swirling Tuesday afternoon about a possible new baby seen in J pod of the Southern Residents, and we thrilled to share the official news from the Center for Whale Research – J16, Slick, has been seen with a brand new youngster at her side! Slick is an experienced mother who is usually seen…


Salmon at Work(shop)

Recently I attended a joint Orca and Salmon Recovery workshop in Vancouver, BC – a meeting of the minds between orca experts and salmon ones, talking about how we can save both.  The relationship between the two species is a close one, and recovery of both is intertwined and complex.  In the past, groups working…

Workshop zum Schutz von Lachsen und Schwertwalen

Kürzlich nahm ich an einem Workshop in Vancouver teil, bei dem sich Schwertwal– sowie Lachsexperten zum Austausch trafen. Es wurden Maßnahmen diskutiert, wie man diese beiden so eng miteinander verbundenen Arten vor dem Aussterben bewahren kann. In der Vergangenheit arbeiteten Experten beider Gebiete selten zusammen, aber nun soll ein gemeinsamer, auf das ganze Öko-System fokussierter…


Perpetrator of dolphin crime found

In what might have been a positive turn of events in solving the most recent and shocking dolphin crime in Florida’s Gulf region has turned bittersweet in the midst of news confirming that the perpetrator of this intentional act was underage. The youth admitted to the crime through a written confession, and the weapon was…

Celebrating amazing orca and humpback images from Norway

I have the pleasure of introducing another guest blog from long-term WDC supporter and volunteer speaker, Clare McEnally. Clare’s relationship with WDC began 16 years ago when she went dolphin watching with her family in Scotland. Clare currently lives in Norway and is studying the Norwegian language with the longer term aim of studying for a masters…

Seasons Greetings…

Hi Everyone, May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who, over the past year through e-mails, Tweets, Facebook likes, Blog comments and yes… even meeting me in person on the beach at Chanonry, North Kessock or at our Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay – have made my working year such a…