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Nanuq: The most recent casualty of captivity

SeaWorld has announced  that one of its male beluga whales, on breeding loan to its parks from Vancouver Aquarium since 1997, died on Thursday, February 19th. The cause of death has not been reported for Nanuq, an approximately 32-year-old beluga originally captured from the waters of the Hudson Bay, but the Orlando park reported that…

Pacific Whale Foundation Newest Dolphin SMART Operator

WDC and program partners have continued expansion of the Dolphin SMART conservation program in Hawaii on the island of Maui. Dolphin SMART is a voluntary outreach and stewardship program that awards annual recognition to tour operators who responsibly view wild dolphins and educate their patrons on dolphin conservation. Dolphin SMART is a partnership program developed…

Right Whales: A Love Story- “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much“

Guest Blog written by Anne Dimonti With 117 years of experience in environmental protection, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s (ASRI) mission has been to protect birds, other wildlife and their habitat through conservation, education and advocacy for the benefit of people and all living things. When ASRI was formed in 1897, we had only…

WDC Petitions – what you do matters!

There are a lot of petitions on the web these days – quite a few on our own website – focusing on many different topics.  It can be hard to keep up with all of them, and sometimes you might not know what happens after you add your name, or even if it matters that…

Journey to the Ross Sea #5

February 16th We have now been four days at sea and still have three to go until we reach Antarctica and the Ross Sea. Last night the weather took a turn for the worse and we were met with 60 knot winds gusting to 95. Some of the waves crashing over the bow were 14…

Right Whales: A Love Story- The Calvin Project

Calvin is not an acronym, Calvin is the name of a female North Atlantic right whale that was born in 1992.  Five of my 2003-4 students were born in that same year.  As seventh and eighth graders they were curious, energetic and idealistic.  They wanted to do something to help things get better in the…