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Let’s Make a #PlasticPact!

Plastic is everywhere.

It is a little intimidating when they say that every piece of plastic that has ever been created, still exists in some form on this planet. You may think, "It is just one straw, what difference does it make when there is a ton out there already?" You may think, "There's no way this can be solved." Then, you put on some cat videos on TikTokto cheer yourself up.

It is understandable. The plastics issue is a huge one! However, just by bringing your own water bottle or telling a friend why you are passing on a straw, you are making that number one less than what it could have been. Nobody is perfect but by gradually shifting your values, you can form some substantial habits. Make 2024 your year of environmental change. By signing our #PlasticPact, you are holding yourself accountable and joining the other hundreds around the world that are vowing to create a wave of change.

Created by Seas at Risk

Credit: Seas at Risk

So what does this have to do with whales and dolphins?

  • Plastics break down into small pieces.
  • Plastic pieces are eaten by plankton and fish.
  • Whales eat these fish and accumulate plastics in their own bodies.
  • We have a 1:1 ratio of trash to whale watch trips - we have seen over 280 pieces of trash on whale watches in 2019 and went on over 230 whale watches in 2019.

Research is finding that whales are an essential part of the ecosystem! Their poop fertilizes phytoplankton which in turn creates oxygen, supports fish stocks, and combats climate change.

We need whales and plastic should not be whale food!

Add Your Voice

In 2024, I'm making a #PlasticPact to reduce my plastic use.

Plastic is harmful to not only whales and dolphins, but to the entire ocean ecosystem. I want to make a difference and reduce how much plastic I use in my everyday life. I am making a pact with Whale and Dolphin Conservation to change my daily habits to help the ocean environment. Plastic is not whale food and I'm going to stick to my New Years resolution in 2024!

Share our pledge!

Some actions are region specific so knowing where you live will help us give you relevant information.

Whether you need to start at the beginning or you are a few steps can make a difference with some of these tips!

I need to start at the beginning

  • Invest in a reuseable water bottle
  • Get bubbles instead of balloons for your next celebration
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • Recycle in your household

I'm past straws and water bottles

  • Bring your own reuseable mug when you get coffee somewhere
  • Use beeswax instead of plastic wrap
  • Invest in a metal razor
  • Switch to toothbrushes made out of bamboo