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Educational Resources

Let's learn about whales and dolphins!

Things are pretty upended right now so we are here to help! Whether you are turning to homeschooling, you are a teacher looking for material, or you just need something to entertain yourself and your kids, check out our educational material to help all ages learn more about whales and dolphins!

As we gather more material, make sure you occasionally check back to see what else we added!


For those that just enjoy coloring, Lisa Joan Art has some beautiful coloring pages that you can download!

On Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm EDT, join us on Facebook Live as we talk whales! Every week, we host a fun and interactive live stream of a variety of topics with whales. If you missed the last couple of weeks, you can watch the previous videos here:

  • March 23rd - What is baleen?
  • March 25th - How do we identify humpback whales?
  • March 27th - What can I do to help whales?
  • March 31st - Did you know that whales are mammals?
  • April 2nd - How many whale species are there?
  • April 7th - Species Spotlight: Orcas
  • April 9th - What's so cool about whale poo?

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Shout-out Section

A number of our colleagues are also doing awesome and educational things during these times. We encourage you to check them out!


Other great opportunities from other organizations include: