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Meet Delilah – Our Inflatable North Atlantic Right Whale


We know whales are big, but do you know HOW big?

Have you ever been inside of a whale? We can help!

Delilah is a life-sized inflatable North Atlantic right whale! Her measurements are based off of a real whale who lived along the East coast in the US and Canada and she would love to swim by and visit your event or school.

Delilah and her family are part of the North Atlantic right whales - an endangered species with fewer than 360 individuals remaining.

She would love to tell you her story!

Delilah, our inflatable North Atlantic right whale
Life sized inflatable whale wih students sitting in front
Delilah measured:
feet long
and weighed:
Inside Delilah

Fun Features:

  • 45 feet long

  • Designed by artists AND scientists!

  • Lungs

  • Skeleton- spine, ribs, and skull

  • Baleen

  • Blowholes

  • Eyes

  • Callosities

  • Space for up to 20 adults or 30 kids at one time


Students will learn:

  • Whales are mammals, just like us!
  • How important whales are to the health of our oceans
  • What we can do to save them

From WDC scientists!

Delilah the Whale

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For more information or to schedule a virtual visit from a marine biologist, fill out the form below. Please also feel free to call us at 508.746.2522 or email us at [email protected]

    North Atlantic right whale fluking

    Visit our species guide to learn more about this species.

    Right whale - Regina WDC

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