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Stop BA selling tickets to SeaWorld

British Airways - stop supporting SeaWorld!

British Airways doesn't care what you think! 304,996 of you signed our petition on this site and on asking British Airways to stop supporting SeaWorld. Despite repeated requests for a meeting, BA refused to meet us to receive our petition and discuss our concerns. They left us standing at the security gate where they had briefed the guard to accept the petition but not to let us into the grounds.

Email BA's environment managers, and and tell them what you think of them ignoring us (please be polite). You will probably receive a standard email back from BA and we have prepared a template letter to help you with your response to that. Please add your own words.

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BA told us 'no entry'

Public opinion has moved on since the days of animal circuses. Over a hundred million people have watched the documentary Blackfish. SeaWorld’s share price is plummeting, they have ended the theatrical orca shows and stopped breeding orcas. 

Major UK travel companies such as TripAdvisor, Thomas Cook and Cosmos have made positive steps regarding their policies on animal welfare in tourism. We are working closely with ABTA, the UK's biggest travel association, on their animal welfare guidelines. Yet British Airways remains stubborn and inflexible choosing to believe SeaWorld’s spin over scientific evidence and public opinion. When it comes to corporate ethical responsibility the airline is in danger of becoming a dinosaur.  And when it comes to listening to and valuing its customers it has shown that it just doesn’t care.

SeaWorld may not have trainers riding around on orcas any longer, but what about the 168 other whales and dolphins held by SeaWorld? They will still be bred. They will still be forced to perform stupid tricks. SeaWorld and British Airways might have forgotten about them, but we haven’t.

It’s time for the UK's national airline to stop supporting this cruel industry. They are British Airways – 86% of British people* don’t think whales and dolphins should be in tanks.

It's time for BA to listen to the public and the science and STOP selling tickets to SeaWorld.

Tell British Airways to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld infographic
Tell British Airways to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld infographic

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*Source: Born Free