Help end the dolphin drive hunts.
Help end the dolphin drive hunts.

Stop airlines transporting dolphins from Taiji hunts

This petition is now closed. Thank you everyone for your support! We have taken your concerns to Star Alliance but they haven't listened.

 Find out more about the campaign and how you can take further action.

Hunters kill hundreds of dolphins every year in brutal drive hunts in Taiji, Japan.
Global demand for dolphins for ‘entertainment’ fuels this slaughter.

Airlines must stop carrying dolphins caught in drive hunts.  You can help - sign our petition now.

Most airlines belong to one of three alliances. We want these associations to encourage their members to stop transporting dolphins.

We’re starting with Star Alliance. We’ve asked all its member airlines for their position on carrying dolphins. You can see the ‘good' and ‘bad' lists below.

Sign the petition now. Ask Mark Schwab, CEO of Star Alliance to issue a policy against transporting live dolphins.

Stop airlines transporting dolphins

The hunters hide the bloodshed from the public, but we obtained footage from behind the curtain. Please be warned - the method used to kill the dolphins is so cruel that the film is hard to watch.