Four Hector’s dolphins caught in a recreational set net washed up on the shore.
Image: NZ DoC. Four Hector's dolphins in recreational set nets washed up on the shore.

Save the New Zealand dolphin

The New Zealand dolphin is the smallest dolphin in the world. Also known as Māui and Hector’s dolphins, there are just four populations left. They live in shallow coastal waters around New Zealand. But very few remain and they are heading for extinction.

Fishing nets are killing these little dolphins at a catastrophic rate.

In 1970 there were around 30,000. Now there are around 7,000. And in 10 years?

At least 110 dolphins die in set and trawl nets each year - faster than they can reproduce. The total number of deaths maybe as high as 300 every 12 months.

You do the maths. In just a few years they will be gone - FOREVER.

You can help save them. Don't wait.

Sign now and ask the New Zealand government to ban these destructive fishing methods in the dolphins’ home - before it is too late. 

WDC recently funded an independent survey and found that the majority of New Zealanders support these protection measures. The problem is clear. The solution is clear. Public opinion and the scientific proof are clear.

We need the government to act, and fast.

Add your name now and we will show the NZ government that the world is watching and wants to save these endangered little dolphins.

Please make a donation to our campaign.

New Zealand dolphin infographic
New Zealand dolphin infographic

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Save the New Zealand dolphin from extinction

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