Harbour porpoise at surface
Harbour porpoise at surface

Creating safe homes for harbour porpoises

A little guy who needs a lot of help.

Meet HP, the harbour porpoise

HP is one of the smallest creatures in the ‘whale and dolphin family’. Little HP is only just over a metre long.

WDC has been campaigning to get protection for HP for many years. Finally, the governments in England, Wales, N Ireland and Scotland have been asking for your opinion on creating six special areas in the UK where HP could be protected from dangers like fishing nets and pollution. 

The consultation period is now closed. 

Over 8,500 signed up to show your support for these sites to make sure they happen. Thank you for your support.

UPDATE - Success! On January 31st 2017, it was announced that the English and Welsh areas were being submitted to the European Union.

Proposed harbour porpoise SACs in UK