Gone Fishin'.........

Hi Everyone,

The weather and dolphin activity has gone a bit flat recently, rain, rain, wind...give us poor dolphin field officers some sun for a change!

A Windy Week!

Hi Everyone,

The weather at Chanonry Point where I work has been a bit iffy recently, with rain and gale force winds - sometimes it's been difficult to stand up, but dolphins have been around including Sundance, Moonlight, Nevis and Rainbow. The photo is of Rainbows big son - Prism, who has been around playing with his little brother, Raindrop.

Here Comes Summer!

Hi Everyone,

This latest spell of great weather has been good for cetacean watching all along the Firth. Dolphins have been a bit sporadic at Chanonry Point but are being seen right along the coast, as well as Minke whales and Porpoises. If anyone is thinking of coming up this way to see dolphins then get in touch and I'll try and let you know what's happening.

Salmon for Dinner!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday evening round at Chanonry Point, Kesslet - my favourite dolphin and another adult (number 748) were hunting for salmon. This photo is just to quash the rumour that dolphins are vegetarians!

What a Day!

Hi Folks,

Normally at this time of year our dolphins are beginning to show up at Chanonry Point in twos and threes but yesterday (Wednesday) I had over 12 dolphins all hunting in the deep water just off the beach. Sundance, Moonlight, Rainbow and Nevis were there as well as some of my other favourites. Here's a photo of two of the juveniles having a breaching contest.

More wind

A little wind has turned into constant and strong wind, which translates into more days without whale watching. You can watch for whales from land here, in fact every day a few people tell me they saw a whale breaching right in front of their house. However, I never seem to be looking in the right place as I have yet to see a whale from shore.


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