More orcas captured in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia—When will it stop?

Three orcas (killer whales) have been captured in the Okhotsk Sea in the Russian Far East, according to sources at the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP). The first one, captured in early July, was moved through Sakhalinsky Bay on July 15, 2015. Since then, two more have been captured, also thought to have been caught in Sakhalinsky Bay.

Of the three, two have been captured by TINRO, the Russian Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center, based in Vladivostok in charge of coordinating fisheries research in the Russian Far East (Pacific) waters. The other one was caught by a local team thought to be hired by either by the White Sphere/White Whale/Aquatoria group of companies or by Primorsky Aquarium in Vladivostok which opens its new facility this autumn.

These captures contravene expert advice. In October 2013, the world’s orca scientists and Russia’s ‘State Ecological Expertise’ of marine mammal scientists advised that a zero quota to capture killer whales be given. This advice was refused in 2014. TINRO recommended keeping the quota at 10 as in previous years. We still don’t know population sizes of these orca ecotypes and communities in the Okhotsk Sea. If previous orca captures that occurred in the US, Canada and other countries are any indication, we may be seeing entire pods and communities being disrupted for decades, or even removed entirely.

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Tall dorsal fins on male orcas


what is the matter with these people? this is beyond cruel and heartless. this must be abolished!!! can we just leave them alone already? extinction is forever.

this is absolutely appalling!! I saw Blackfish recently, and SeaWorld needs to stop kidnapping these beautiful creatures! If someone kidnaps a child, it's a punishable offence, so what's the difference. Obama despises slavery, but the government, backed by the federal government are making millions of dollars from this cruel practice, Putin, and the rest. Someone who has got some influence on these high and mighty leaders of State needs to intervene and quickly

stop a cette barbarie!

Since there is no political will to preserve life anywhere on this planet I'm afraid that there will always be a useless capture of a wild animal somewhere on this planet. Yes I hate that possibility too but there is little people can do if the politicians don't back the people but organisations, money and greed!

I'm glad that there are a lot of people who believe in preserving life instead of capturing wild animals. That helps me to keep motivated to speak up against this kind of useless capturing of wild animals.

The more I get to know people; the more I love animals!!

When will this hassling with animals stop? Be it Russia or any other country and or nation! The animals suffer in captivity; they belong in the wild!

Wy is it that greed and the desire for (more) money is the only thing motivating us these days?

Hasn't all the upstir lately about orca's killing their trainers not taught us enough about how they feel in captivity?

Leave those animals alone; leave them be, leave them in their own habitat! I do wish those hightly intelligent creatures,any animal violently taken into captivity, will succeed in taking revenge on all the people responsible for their suffering in captivity!

if you touch wound a wild go fuck your self. because we are more intelligent that doesn't mean we go around kill will animals

If you think you are more intelligent than other animals, then you should NOT kill anything for fun. Because an intelligent organism has its own pride and intelligence also requires respect.
If you think you are more stupid...then you should NOT kill anything that's smarter than you because you are stupid

We are only a species, just like the orca or any other creature. We are no better, nor have the right to defy these beautiful beings their lifestyle. WE are supposed to be the intelligent ones, I wonder. :(

SeaWorld has been working with Russia on their KW capture and training. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of breeding loan agreement in the works.