SeaWorld set to expand overseas?

As SeaWorld continues to refute damage to its business as a result of the so-called "Blackfish effect", President and CEO Jim Atchison has reported international expansion plans. WDC notes this news with some concern.

SeaWorld already holds 23 orcas in its North American theme parks and a further 4 to 6 at Loro Parque zoo in the Canary Islands. Could discussions with potential partners include orca displays in other countries? China, for example, where around 50 zoos and aquaria hold captive whales and dolphins, many imported following wild capture operations in Russia and the Japanese drive hunts.  Reports suggest at least two recently captured orcas from Russia are in captivity in China. 

As Richard Branson and Virgin Holidays review their support for facilities like SeaWorld, we ask them to consider how this industry operates and the impact it has on wild whale and dolphin populations around the world. 

If you haven't already, please sign our petition calling on Sir Richard to end this support. 


It's time to end this inhumane 'entertainment' for good. The first steps are hitting them where it hurts first- their wallets.

you will find that there is quite a handlful of ex seaworld, ex busch gardens,vancouver aquarium, loro parque collaborations with these aquariums. eveni =f they are member of the IMATA, they have no problem working with captive cetaceans recievd via the notorious drive hunt in Japan at Taiji.

my apologies, I meant to say that these people as listed above, have moved on to work with China and their booming captive cetacean trade.i.e Chimelong.

It!s high time these awful places were shut down & the captives released to where they belong --the oceans. No way should they gave to perform stupid tricks for an even more stupid audience.

No more Sea Worlds anywhere!

Great! Can they expand to New York City too? I'd like to take MJ there!