Breach! Support the film the whalers don’t want you to see

I spoke last night to Los Angeles-based writer, director and film maker, Jonathan (Jonny) Zwick.  Jonny spent three months in Iceland last summer shooting footage for Breach, an independent documentary film that focuses on the cultural, scientific and economic ‘justifications’ which underpin the Icelandic whaling industry - and systematically deconstructs them. His film juxtaposes images of the starkly beautiful Icelandic landscape and rich natural history, with jarring images of the slaughter of fin and minke whales.  He allows a whole range of people - from whalers to whale watchers; government scientists to conservationists, as well as ordinary Icelandic citizens – to voice their opinions via voiceovers and ‘talking head’ interviews and in so doing, allows both sides to expose the blinding contradictions inherent in Icelandic whaling.  As he puts it:  “My film focuses on the spectacular ironies, contradictions and unethical decisions surrounding the attempts made by the whaling industry and the Icelandic government to convince people that there is still a market for this meat.” 

Back home in the US, Jonny has created a Kickstarter to find the funds required now to cover translation, editing and distribution costs. You can see a trailer of the documentary and find out more about the vision that drove this film to be made.

This ‘crowd funding’ initiative ends on February 20th.  If Jonny reaches his target, he can complete his film and take it to Iceland, where he wants to show it to as many people as possible - particularly youth audiences.

I’ll leave the last word to Jonny, but I hope that he will find the funds to complete his project: this is a film that absolutely needed to be made, and now, more than ever, absolutely needs to be ‘out there’.

I put myself in uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situations while covering this story. I went on a minke-whale hunt, interviewed whalers in their own home, followed truck drivers transporting whale meat to isolated locations in the middle of the night, and was chased out of the Hvalur whale processing plant by rampant whale flensers.

The pieces have been gathered, and now we just need to put them in place. The better the movie is, the more people will watch. The more people who watch, the more people will know. The more people who know, the more whales will be saved.”


It truly is ironic that so many people scan the oceans, whether in Hawaii, California....any where there is a whale population, just to catch the slightest glimpse of one of these majestic creatures and yet they are still being killed with exploding harpoons.

Thank you so much for reporting on Jonny's film. It deserves to be made, and the voiceless deserve to be heard.

The world needs to see the atrocities taking place with marine life. The more awareness, the more people can get involved and petition to save these majestic creatures.

I look forward to seeing Breach. Thank you for caring.

As someone who has been fighting whaling and dolphin slaughter for 35 years I can tell you this is an extremely important film. I hope people will support it with donations large and small. The barbarity of killing whales must be stopped.

I would love to see this movie!!! I'm currently keeping up with the progress but it looks like the movie might fall short of its target. It's currently on 9500 dollars but needs to reach 13000 within 11 days. Could you please repost this article on your facebook page WDC? I think it would reach a lot more people that way.

First I want to say I am in favor of the use of all that nature has to offer. But still within reasonable limits and whales included. After watching the preview of the film I must say, I have a feeling that this film will be very one sided. In the preview you have put forward almost exclusively those who are against hunting and processing whale. This gives me the feeling that this will be yet another unilateral propagranda film.
If it will be released I will watch it but I will never financially endorse it.

Maybe it is possible to contact Greenpeace, Paul Watson, wspa, wwf, whatever kind of nature group you can find... Maybe they can help you, with money and to make your ''pieces'' into a great movie!!!
Good luck!!!

"Iceland disobeys international law and slaughters whales for commercial gain,"

When the very first line on the page your "find out more" link goes to, is a lie, there is no reason to bother reading anymore.

Terry, we have repeatedly responded to you on this and explained why we regard Iceland's whaling as counter to international law. That Iceland was able to vote on its own membership of the IWC means that a majority of nations who were voting on that day at the IWC did not accept Iceland's membership and therefore did not accept its 'reservation' to the mortaorium. We, alongside the majority of nations that hold that position, still believe that Iceland's whaling is illegal. You may wish to believe another view, thats your perogative, but I for one am not going to call you a liar.

Have a good weekend, and I hope the storms are not too bad your way

Something being illegal is not a matter of opinion. It is either legal or it is not. Iceland objects to this moratorium and under Article V, section 3, of the ICRW, and therefore the moratorium does not apply to them. Especially because they hunt whales only in their own territorial waters.