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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Whale and Dolphin Conservation embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We recognize that the field of marine mammal conservation lacks diversity, including within our own organization. Education, internships, hiring, and job retention are the barriers that are sometimes seen in introducing diversity to the marine mammal conservation field.

We are dedicated to creating opportunities which represent diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the more impactful our work will be. 


Young students often perceive a “scientist” as a white man in a lab coat and are unaware that wildlife conservation is a career path. We are committed to working with schools to provide information and opportunities to young students.


On average, a person who is employed in marine mammal conservation or research has completed three unpaid internships. Unpaid internships prevent many students from participating in this field. We are committed to changing our intern program to increase access to this field.

Hiring & Retention

Job opportunities in this field historically require advanced degrees, limiting access to many candidates. We are committed to changing how and where we recruit candidates as well as implementing retention programs to ensure that candidates are welcome in the organization and the community.

Resources We Have Used

  • Training for employees available here through LinkedIn.
  • Understand Unconscious Bias available here through Microsoft Learning.
  • Get to know your own unconscious bias available here through Project Implicit.
  • Evaluate diversity in environmental organizations available here through Green 2.0.
  • Encouraging employees with disabilities to self-identify available here through The Conference Board.
  • Responses to 10 common criticisms of anti-racism action in STEMM - available here.

Why does a whale conservation group care about diversity? Whales, our shared planet, and justice for people go hand-in-hand.