Humpback whale tail
Humpback whale tail

Strategy for success

WDC is currently developing a four year strategy to achieve its aims and objectives.

This strategy defines WDC uniquely and puts people at the centre – to engage people and inspire action to raise income and support so that WDC can achieve the goals of its five policy programmes, that are fundamental in its journey towards achieving its vision. This will be underpinned by a sustainable, effective and efficient organisation. Find out more about some of our recent achievements.

The plan is developed in four quadrants:

1. Policy performance

Aim: a prioritised policy work programme to deliver the most for whales and dolphins and to know that we have.

WDC is focusing on 5 key programmes:

Stop whaling
End captivity
Homes for whales and dolphins
Ending bycatch
Rights for whales and dolphins

Each programme has defined objectives for the period of the plan.

2. Growing sustainably and efficiently

Aim: we will grow income to deliver the prioritised policy work and beyond, have a new budgeting process based on achieving the organisational KPI’s and growing sustainable offices.

WDC’s income across its offices is circa £4m.  We have identified £6m per year as a target figure providing enough resource to run the campaigns and projects we need to run; to do the most for whales and dolphins. We are developing plans to reach this target.

3. People and processes

Aim: the right staff with the right skills achieving the organisational KPI’s supported by fit-for purpose systems and processes.

WDC has recognised the need for updated and improved processes and management across all its offices.  This includes – for example – implementing project management software and training, as well as investing in areas of growth such as corporate income.   This will make us more efficient, enabling us to do more for whales and dolphins, and increase the amount and percentage of income spent on conservation.

4. Engaging people to inspire action

Aim: to deepen our relationship with existing supporters, widen our appeal to new supporters and focus more on our priority stakeholders to deliver our policy objectives.

We are setting targets on the numbers and types of supporters we need, as well as targets on retention and value.

We are examining the numbers of searches on the internet for whale and dolphin content, so we can create content to engage with the largest possible audience possible on key subjects and campaigns.

We are defining the actions we want people to take, so we can involve people and communities in whale and dolphin conservation.