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Harbour porpoise. Image: Charlie Phillips/WDC

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Lasting Legacies: Orca Action Month 2023

Each June we celebrate Orca Month and the unique community of Southern Resident orcas, and this June is extra special.  2023 is also the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a landmark law that protects vulnerable species and the places they call home.

The ESA means a lot for the Southern Residents.  The law is written to include the habitats of species that are listed under the ESA, recognizing the importance and connections of an ecosystem.  For the Southern Residents, an ESA listing has led to a dedicated Species Recovery Plan, a better understanding of the challenges to their recovery, and protection of their ocean home.

To celebrate both the orcas and this historic environmental law, 2023’s Orca Month theme is “Lasting Legacies”, connecting the legacy of the ESA with the living legacies of the Southern Resident orcas.  Orca Month will feature legendary whales who carry the story of the Southern Resident orcas and maintain their culture, and ESA success stories to inspire hope for the future of this special group of orcas.

Orca Action Month begins June 1st, with the official kick-off event happening in person and online on Sunday, June 4th from 1-4pm Pacific Time.

Join WDC and our partners in the Orca Salmon Alliance throughout the month for stories of legendary Southern Resident orcas and learn about how the ESA has helped the Southern Residents, and how it will continue to impact their recovery.

Check out the Orca Month website for a full list of events, opportunities to join in person or virtually, activities, and special Orca Month giveaways!

June is a time of celebration, but recovery happens year-round.  For the Southern Resident orcas, every month is Orca Month!

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