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Pilot whale

How we need to support Faroese communities to end the whale and dolphin hunts

Hayley Flanagan Hayley is WDC's engagement officer, specializing in creating brilliant content for our website...
Harbour porpoise. Image: Charlie Phillips/WDC

Speaking up for the little guys – WDC in action

Whales and dolphins face so many dangers. These intelligent beings are crucial for the wellbeing...
Humpback whale fluke in Alaska.

An unforgettable first encounter – observing the whales we work to protect

I have kept a dark secret since joining WDC back in June 2021. Despite my...

WDC in Japan – Part 2: Digital dolphins

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Marine Animal Rescue and Response: 6 Month Update

WDC Marine Animal Rescue and Response Intern, JJ Cruz and WDC staff member Monica Pepe, evaluate a deceased seal under authorization from NOAA
WDC Marine Animal Rescue and Response Intern, JJ Cruz and WDC staff member Monica Pepe, evaluate a deceased seal under authorization from NOAA

WDC's Marine Animal Rescue and Response program is six months old!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this new program through well-wishes, spreading the word, making donations, and shopping our Amazon wish list.

Getting this program up and running is a huge task, but we have already made huge progress!

Harp seal

Donate to support Marine Animal Rescue & Response

Here’s what we have done so far:

  • Prepared our Marine Animal Rescue and Response (MARR) headquarters for responses, including refinishing the walls and flooring, upgrading electrical outlets, installing freezers and a new heater, installing a new door with a secure lock, and adding storage for all of our equipment
  • Developed and recruited for three MARR paid internship positions to assist with rescues and responses during our anticipated busy season (March-August) while also providing them with valuable experience and transferable job skills
  • Expanded our volunteer network through volunteer fairs and interviews with local media

We are looking forward to what’s coming up next. In the next three months, we are working on:

  • Training volunteers and interns on proper protocols for responding and handling animals
  • Purchasing a blood analyzer to help perform health assessments on stranded animals
  • Establishing a relationship with local businesses to host outreach events such as science talks or trivia nights

Are you interested in volunteering and live on the south shore of Massachusetts?

 Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "MARR Volunteering" and we will get in contact with you!

We are especially in need of volunteers who live between Marshfield, MA and Plymouth, MA.

Another way to help is by sharing this on social media!

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