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Peter Flood mom and calf

Emergency Petition Seeks to Shield Right Whale Moms, Calves From Vessel Strikes

For Immediate Release, November 1, 2022 WASHINGTON-Conservation groups filed an emergency rulemaking petition with the...
The Yushin Maru catcher ship of the Japanese whaling fleet injures a whale with its first harpoon attempt, and takes a further three harpoon shots before finally killing the badly injured fleeing whale. Finally they drowned the mammal beneath the harpooon deck of the ship to kill it.  Southern Ocean.  07.01.2006

Moves to overturn whaling ban rejected

Last week, the 68th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC, the body that regulates...

Nearly 500 whales die in New Zealand

The number of pilot whales that have died following a mass stranding in New Zealand...

200 pilot whales killed in latest Faroese slaughter

More than 200 pilot whales have been slaughtered in Sandagerði (Torshavn) in the Faroe Islands....

CryptoKraken Makes a Splash In New Partnership

Charlie Breaching_0818_Charlie Phillips

Newly-incorporated NFT company CryptoKraken launched its first collection of NFTs this month. CryptoKraken co-founders Samuel Driquez and Sione Milhem say the idea for their NFTs came when they understood the potential of the NFT space and the pace that it is moving at. They recognized the potential to not only fundraise but create a community where members can learn about issues affecting our world.

“By providing their community with amazing art and utility, why not use the money they raise for something good?” said Driques. For CryptoKraken the interest is in protecting whales, especially to end whaling. Driquez and Milhem contacted Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), a global marine conservation group with offices in five countries and the world's leading charity dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins, and the ocean.

Driquez knew this was the charity they wanted to support when they learned about WDC’s guiding principle. “I didn’t realize we NEED whales to keep our ocean and planet healthy. The ocean is responsible for producing over half of the air we breathe. We didn’t realize whales were key contributors to this – it gave us a whole new perspective on marine conservation.”

Melissa Walker, Deputy Director for WDC - North America, is pleased about the new partnership. “Seeing how CryptoKraken set up their community, with opportunities for nonprofits like us to get in front of new audiences and share our work got us excited about this partnership. By working with NFT companies, we are part of the conversation to push for more sustainable NFT practices. The bonus is we have an opportunity to educate people about the importance of marine conservation and its positive effect on climate change. We wish CryptoKraken much success!”

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