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Block Island wind credit: Regina Asutis-Silvia

Offshore Wind: Don’t Blow It

Recently, new areas were added to the growing list of potential sites for offshore wind...
Boto © Fernando Trujillo

Meet the legendary pink river dolphins

Botos don't look or live like other dolphins. Flamingo-pink all over with super-skinny snouts and...
Pacific humpback. Credit: WDC NA

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Earth Day Q&A with Waipapa Bay Wines’ marketing director, Fran Draper

We've been partnered with Waipapa Bay Wines since 2019 and we wanted to get to...
Orcas at the seabed

The secrets of orca beach life

Rubbing on smooth pebbles is a generations-old cultural tradition for a particular group of orcas...
WDC Marine Animal Rescue and Response Intern, JJ Cruz, measures a deceased harbor seal under authorization from NOAA

Meet the 2022 Interns: JJ Cruz

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Marine Animal Rescue and Response: 6 Month Update

WDC Marine Animal Rescue and Response Intern, JJ Cruz and WDC staff member Monica Pepe,...
Mykines Lighthouse, Faroe Islands

Understanding whale and dolphin hunts in the Faroe Islands – why change is not easy

Most people in my home country of the Faroe Islands would like to see an...

Happy Trash-tober!

To celebrate spooky season, our WDC North America team decided to do our part to tackle a scary problem – plastic pollution! We started last Friday by taking part of our day to clean up trash in the pathway and parking lot next to our office.

After just an hour, we found SO. MUCH. TRASH.

20211001_134101 small
20211001_133112 small

Candy wrappers, cans, election signs, and more! Even if it isn’t directly next to the ocean, doing clean ups are a really important way to help clean our oceans and our planet. For us, trash from that parking lot could easily make it closer and closer to our harbor and could eventually harm marine life. Even if you don’t live near the sea, cleaning up your local areas can help your local wildlife.

With all that in mind, we decided that we were going to do a clean up every Friday in October to help do our part to keep trash out of our ocean.

We would LOVE for you to join us for “Trash-tober”!

It doesn’t take much to start - head out to somewhere in your community with a trash bag and take some time to clean up. Whether it’s for 30 minutes or 3 hours, every little bit helps.

Think of it like trick-or-treating… but instead of a treat bag, you bring a trash bag and instead of going home with candy, you leave with a bag of trash and a cleaner community!

Grab your broomsticks, do some fab-boo-lous clean ups and let’s have some skele-fun!


Creep it real,

The WDC Trash-Busters (cue ghost busters theme song)

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