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We were SO close.

Feeding North Atlantic right whale
North Atlantic right whale fluking
North Atlantic right whale

We were so close.

Because of the past couple of years, June makes me incredibly nervous.

In June of 2019, I heard the news of two right whale deaths in one day, only to find out about another soon after. June seems to be prime time for right whales to be accidentally killed by passing ships or through accidental entanglements in fishing gear as, of the 31 right whales who were killed since 2017, almost half were found in the month of June. As the days ticked away this month, I was cautiously optimistic.

We were so close.

Just five more days, just 120 more hours and we would close out June without a dead right whale. Tragically, it looks like that ship sailed, and it probably hit and killed a right whale as it did.

I am devastated to say that this morning, a dead right whale was located in the waters off of  New Jersey.

Derecha and calf copy
Georgia DNR - NOAA permit 18786-04
Georgia DNR - NOAA permit 18786-04

Two possible dead right whales from vessel strikes this year? NMFS says that even one death each year will jeopardize the recovery of the entire species. Yet, as the Agency labors through efforts to address entanglements, it has done nothing to further reduce ship strikes. Addressing one threat without the other, is like removing the crocodile from your salt water pool, but letting the shark stay. Right whales deserve better.

As we learn more details, we will be sure to keep you updated.

take action

No matter where you live, you can also help right whales by introducing them to your family and friends on social media!

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