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Orca Action Month goes online!

Orca Action Month save the date - June 2020

Whamily, it’s almost that time again – time to celebrate, honor, and dive in to actions to help Southern Resident orcas in our annual Orca Action Month festivities.  This year is going to look a little different.  Along with the health of the Southern Resident orcas, the health of our communities is a top priority, and we want to make sure everyone stays safe.  So, Orca Action Month 2020 is going online!

The theme for Orca Action Month 2020 is Orca Love, and really, Orca Month has always been about love and togetherness – engaging with our local and online communities and supporters to show our love for the special community that is the Southern Resident orcas, and bringing people together to take action to help the orcas survive and thrive.  We want to continue that sense of togetherness even if those actions are a little more individual and independent this year.

To help with those individual actions and to share the Orca Love, WDC invites you to join our 30 Days of Orca Action challenge – we’ll provide you with 30 ways to celebrate, support, and raise awareness about Southern Resident orcas.  You can do one action, do them all in one day, skip around and pick your favorites – however you want to join the celebration!

Share your actions and photos on social media with the tags #OrcaLove #OrcaMonth & #OrcaHero – and don’t forget to tag us!  We’re working on some awesome thank-you gifts for people who show the most #OrcaLove!

Along with our 30 Days of Orca Action, we’ll also be hosting fun virtual events like weekly Orca Craft Time, Orca Month Happy Hour, where we’ll chat with brewers taking a few extra steps for salmon, Orca Trivia (get those thinking fins on!), and hear from orca researchers about the latest news on the Southern Residents.  And since Orca Month is all about collaboration and taking action together, we’ll be joining our partners in the Orca Salmon Alliance for some awesome online events, too – stay tuned for more news.

I’ll admit I’m a little worried about the tech challenges (please have patience with us!) but I’m also pretty excited to see how far we can share the Orca Love this year.  More online events and togetherness means even more people can join in, take collective action to honor the Southern Resident orcas, and be Orca Heroes to support their recovery.  Keep an eye out for more details in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll “see” you June 1st for Virtual Orca Action Month!


Hey all – one quick note: while Orca Month is always, in spirit, a worldwide event, in-person events are usually based in the Southern Residents’ home of the Pacific Northwest, where I (Colleen), live and work.  We’re doing our best to schedule events to be friendly to West Coast & East Coast schedules, and everywhere in the middle!  All events will be accessible after they air live, so you can watch them at whatever time fits your schedule, and we’ll do our best to follow up and answer any questions added after the live event.  And of course the 30 Days of Orca Action can be done at any time – we hope you join us for as many as you can to share the Orca Love!


Orca Action Month 2020!

TL:DR?  We're taking it online this year!  Join us for 30 Days of Orca Action and weekly virtual events (and get your craft on!) and share the #OrcaLove

Virtual Events

As we like to say, it takes a village to save a species.  WDC will be hosting events, but we'll also be joining some of our partners in the Orca Salmon Alliance for even more online events!  Check out the full calendar as events are added and fill your month with orcas:

30 Days of Action

Orca Action Month is all about bringing communities together to celebrate Southern Resident orcas and take action to help their recovery.  We're celebrating with the online community this year, so take action and share the love! #OrcaLove #OrcaMonth #OrcaHero