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Harbour porpoise. Image: Charlie Phillips/WDC

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COVID 19- Canceling WDC Travel, Not Momentum

I am writing this on the evening of Tuesday March 10th, just hours after the Governor Charlie Baker declared a State of Emergency for Massachusetts, the home of WDC’s North American office.  Governor Baker explained it is a precautionary attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus.  As a result, we are suspending all WDC work related travel, but we are not suspending work.

The team at WDC-NA were hand chosen, not because they could do their job, but because for them, this isn’t a job.  They are motivated by their passion for the ocean, their respect for our supporters, and integrity of our team.  They are creative and strategic and already formulating plans.

For example, this week, WDC was scheduled to host a workshop in Washington DC for 12 national environmental organizations.  No travel? No problem. Our team scrambled to offer a virtual version of the workshop.  Our inflatable right whale can’t travel right now?  A virtual video tour is already in the works.  Emails and phone calls are replacing meetings as we work to save North Atlantic right whales, protect Southern Resident orcas, and maintain the integrity of environmental legislation.

Our team is the front line of defense for the whales and dolphins we all care for so deeply.  We may change how we accomplish our goals in the coming weeks and months but not whether we accomplish them.  Your support is the reason we exist so I write to assure you that we are here, we are prepared, and we are not losing motivation or momentum.


In closing, I am going to end my day with the way it started – a request to introduce myself to our supporters. 

You have likely met our team through social media posts over the past few weeks.  You now know that Monica has a “Friends” reference for just about everything; Missy’s dad drove her to her first concert; Michelle’s memory is beyond par; Douglas hates pickles; Colleen loves her “pinnifriends”; Ed is a superstar; Sabrina is a sucker for a good cheesy joke and Stephen missed his chance at a modeling career.  I was asked to reveal my Harry Potter house- I always assumed it was Slytherin, less to do with being cunning, and more to do with my life long obsession with Keith Richards- but as I write this, I realize I don’t belong to any house.  I am humbled to be part of all the houses of my incredible team.  In my version of the story, I get to work with all the magical creatures whose work protects the majestic ocean’s creatures.  My last concert (the Stones, go figure) is far less relevant to you than my day at the office tomorrow.

Tomorrow we plan, we modify, and we move forward.  We do it for you, for the whales and dolphins, and for our shared planet.  I offer you my sincerest appreciation for your support which enables this amazing team to do its job.


What can you do?

Avoiding crowds? There is still so much you can do to help whales!

SAVE right whales!

You can help save North Atlantic right whales by sending an email to each of your senators asking them to support the SAVE Right Whales Act (S.2453) to fund right whale research and conservation. The email is already set up and ready to go below!

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