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Gray whale deaths have spiked on the West Coast

Pacific Gray Whale Population Drops by Nearly 25%

Being taken off the endangered species list sadly doesn't guarantee a carefree future for whales. ...

Enter to win a virtual ticket to the pre-screening of National Geographic’s “Secrets of the Whales”

This 4-part series plunges viewers deep within the epicenter of whale culture to experience the...
Image: Peter Flood

I signed a petition…now what?

More than ever before, critically endangered North Atlantic right whales have really stolen my heart...
Southern resident orca

Home of Southern Resident Orcas Named a Mission Blue Hope Spot

WDC is proud to be among the groups supporting the declaration of the Salish Sea,...

New calf seen in endangered Southern Resident orca community!!

SRO J56 5.30.2019 (John Forde The Whale Centre Tofino, BC)

May 31 2019: Breaking news from Canada! The Whale Centre in Tofino, British Columbia shared the news this afternoon that a fresh new calf was spotted yesterday afternoon with J pod of the endangered Southern Resident orca population.  Researchers with Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Center for Whale Research were notified and are reviewing the photos taken by The Whale Centre.

We at WDC are over the moon about this news, and have our fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for this little calf’s future.  The Center for Whale Research – the official keepers of population data for Southern Resident orcas – have yet to confirm the new calf and provide an update on who the mother is, and we eagerly await their official announcement.  While J41 (Eclipse) was reported to be in the late stages of pregnancy by researchers with NOAA Fisheries last fall, she has not yet been seen with a calf, and the families of new calves sometimes group so closely together it can be hard to determine who the mother is right away.

As always with the Southern Residents, we are cautiously optimistic for the future of this unique community.  New calves are beacons of hope, and also reminders that the orcas are doing their part to survive and thrive – it’s up to us to make sure they have an environment they can live in!

Photo Credit: John Forde, The Whale Centre (Tofino, BC)

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