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URGENT - Marine Mammal Protection Act in Jeopardy

You can help us tell Congress to defend whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals

H.R. 3133, the “Streamlining Environmental Approvals” (SEA) Act, guts core provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) to fast-track seismic airgun surveys and other activities in the ocean that can harm whales and dolphins, and the entire marine ecosystem.

H.R. 3133 would allow oil and gas activities to:

  • Harm huge numbers of whales and dolphins
  • Allow much larger areas of the ocean to be impacted.
  • Prevent the development of measures that would protect whales and dolphins from their actions.
  • Cover up the long-term and cumulative impacts of these harmful activities on whales and dolphins.
  • And create a dangerous loophole in Endangered Species Act protections.

Take action by Friday, November 10th, and you can help us put a stop to this destructive proposal.

Give us 10 minutes... 

The most effective action you can take is to send a letter or postcard to your Representative's DC office.

  1. Find your Representative, and click through their webpage to find the address of their DC office. (Email is ok, too, although we feel that a hardcopy will be most effective)
  2. Copy and paste this letter into a Word document (or email), inserting your Representative's name and your name. Then print, sign, and mail! 
  3. If you are sending a postcard, copy the voice message text, below.

Give us 5 minutes...

Leave a voice message for your Representative.

  1. Download the app Stance
  2. Follow the instructions, holding down the pink button on the app, to leave the message below for your US Representative:

"Dear Representative,

I support the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), which provides vital protections to marine mammals in our oceans.  Please oppose any legislation that would undermine or weaken this landmark law, including H.R. 3133. Thank you."

Give us 1 minute...

Sign the petition. 

  1. Go to our conservation partner, Oceana's, petition and sign on to add your voice. 
  2. Donate to help us win this fight! WDC is heading to Washington D.C. for MMPA Lobby Day to meet with Representatives to ask them to stop H.R. 3133 and any other bills or amendments that aim to undermine or weaken this essential ocean conservation law.