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Tell British Airways what you think

Help us ramp up the pressure on British Airways. We want to secure a meeting with their senior staff as soon as possible. Please contact BA’s customer service team by filling in their complaints form, calling them or writing a letter.
British Airways - stop supporting SeaWorld

Use this opportunity to explain why you believe British Airways should stop supporting SeaWorld.

  • Complete BA's complaints form 
  • Call BA Customer Relations on 0344 493 0787 option 3, followed by option 2  
  • Write to BA Customer Relations at:
    British Airways 
    Customer Relations (S506) 
    PO Box 1126 
    UB8 9XS 
    United Kingdom

Please be polite. Please do not use confrontational or abusive language. We are far more likely to get the result that we want if we engage with them and put our case reasonably.

Use your own words where possible. We want to make sure they are in no doubt how much people care about this issue.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • 86% of British people think it is wrong to keep whales and dolphins in tanks.
  • SeaWorld bowed to public pressure and decided to end orca captivity at its parks. But it has made no such announcement for the other 168 whales and dolphins it holds.
  • Whales and dolphins are highly mobile, highly social and intelligent beings. It is wrong to confine them in tanks.
  • Whales and dolphins suffer both mentally and physically in captivity.
  • Whales and dolphins live shorter lives in captivity.
  • The world has changed. Using whales and dolphins for human 'entertainment' must be consigned to history.

Thank you for getting involved. Never doubt the impact we can have when we all stand together for what is right.