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Right whales were hunted to the brink of extinction. Despite over 40 years of federal protection, North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) have not recovered. Because they share their coastal water homes with us, human-caused impacts continue to pose daunting obstacles to the species' survival. Their population is now so small that every death is cause for serious alarm.

SUCCESS! In response to our efforts, NOAA increased designated critical habitat for North Atlantic right whales on January 26, 2016!  

Thank you for helping to protect critically endangered right whales and their habitat.

In April of 2015, WDC collected over 2,500 signatures asking the U.S. government to protect the North Atlantic right whale by expanding critical habitat for North Atlantic right whales including: 

1. Their Gulf of Maine feeding area (as proposed by NOAA)

2. Their southeast US calving area (as proposed by NOAA)


3. The southern range of currently designated critical habitat in the southeast

4. Their mid-Atlantic migratory corridor 

5. The waters off coastal Maine 

Act right now to save the North Atlantic right whale
Act right now to save the North Atlantic right whale

WDC is committed to protecting the areas these whales call home.

Thanks to increased research and technology, we now know right whales need more space to feed, breed, socialize, migrate and raise their young. In fact, the US government agreed with WDC's joint petition to expand designated critical habitat for right whales, submitted back in 2009, though this has yet to be fully implemented. WDC will make sure their homes are protected - won't you help us accomplish this?

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Would you like to do more? WDC relies on donations to fund our work. We are asking for 500 pennies each month - one for each remaining North Atlantic right whale.

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THE JOURNEY OF A RIGHT WHALE was developed by the Education Committee of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, of which WDC is a member.