5 beaked whales strand in Puerto Rico

A mass stranding of 5 goosebeak (Cuvier's) whales (Ziphius cavirostris) occurred Wednesday night and Thursday (29 and 30 July 1998) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The Caribbean Stranding Network, a local non-profit scientific and conservation organization based at the Metropolitan University in San Juan, attended to the strandings, which involved 1 adult female and 4 males (1 adult, 3 juveniles). The largest animal measured 18 feet, while the smallest was about 14 feet in length.

Tales from the 'Atlantic Frontier' XIIII

Wednesday 29th July

View from a porthole.

10am. Well, if we are to see a whale this morning, it will have to haul itself up onto deck. In fact, as the end of the rear deck itself is now threatening to disappear into the fog, the whale should take care to launch itself to land amidships, so we don't miss it.

Tales from the 'Atlantic Frontier' XIII

We have just had the most incredible and inspiring sighting of a mighty whale. This was an encounter that makes yesterday's look puny by comparison and a description that doesn't in some way invoke the mystical quality of this event will not convey the experience.

Namibia to go ahead with seal kill

Namibia -- July 29, 1998 SEAL CULLING ENDORSED

Thousands of seals will be culled after the Namibian cabinet endorsed a request by Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Abraham Iyambo, to allocate quotas.

At Cape Cross seal colony, 15,000 pups and 3,000 bulls will be killed, and at Luderitz seal colony, fishermen will have the go-ahead to destroy 20,000 pups and 2,000 bulls.

Norway extends controversial whale hunt with 14 days

OSLO, July 29 (Reuters) reports - 'Norway has extended its controversial whale hunt by two weeks until August 14 off its northern Finnmark coast and in the Barents Sea, the Fisheries Ministry said on Wednesday.

The season will end as originally planned on July 31 in the North Sea, the ministry said. Norwegian whalers have captured 581 minke whales so far in 1998 out of an allowed catch of 671 -- the highest quota since the country resumed commercial whaling in 1993 in defiance of an International Whaling Commission moratorium.

Tales from the 'Atlantic Frontier' XII

Friday 24th July

Nothing happened today. We sat around in the harbour indulging in witty repartee with the jolly crew and waiting for repairs to be completed. (Or, we are depressed being stuck in Stornoway again and irritating the heck out of each other.)

Dead Sperm Whale comes aground in Chile

A sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) with a wound of more than 2m long on its body - presumably caused by a vessel at sea - grounded on a beach in Valparaiso at the beginning of this week, according to the National Fisheries Service (Sernap).

The whale, which was 12m long and weighed about four tonnes, was found dead at the side of the Caleta Portales fishermen's dock, in an advanced state of decomposition.

Solomon Islands and Japan - Fisheries and Whaling

The Solomon Islands is not protesting against Japan's experimental fishing of Southern Bluefin Tuna, as fisheries authorities say it will not affect their tuna stocks.

Japan intends to start an experimental fishery which will increase Japan's current 6,000-tonne quota by 1,400 tonnes.


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