Croatia Bans Keeping Whale And Dolphins In Captivity

WDCS is pleased to report the enactment of a new regulation in Croatia that prohibits the keeping of cetaceans in captivity for commercial purposes, including dolphinaria, aquaria and similar facilities. An exemption to the regulation can only be granted for the rehabilitation and return to their natural environment of sick or injured animals.

The regulation was adopted following a study undertaken by the State Institute for Nature Protection, which has noted the valuable information provided by WDCS.

The regulation was adopted to meet the provisions of the ACCOBAMS Resolution 3.13. on Dolphin Interaction Programmes, adopted at the Third Meetings of the ACCOBAMS Parties in Dubrovnik in 2007. The Resolution notes the ongoing proliferation of dolphinaria in the Agreement area and requests Parties to take action to address it.
WDCS congratulates Croatia's continuing and important efforts to ensure the long-term conservation of cetaceans both nationally and across the globe.