There Be Dolphins...

Sightings of dolphins have been few and far between this month and I have only had my first proper sighting in the Inner Moray Firth yesterday. About 2 km out from the Rosemarkie shore where I was observing - a splash that was higher than the surrounding choppy sea indicated something breaching and lo and behold there it was - a young dolphin having fun with a few adults along side.

Dolphin Sightings Update

It has been a very quiet period recently for dolphin sightings around the Inner Moray Firth area, I have seen very little signs of cetaceans at all - lots of seabird activity mind you but the only sighting I have had of a dorsal fin was last Saturday - a juvenile Minke whale in the Chanonry Narrows.

Porpoiseful protection?

WDC warmly welcome the news that JNCC, Defra, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Government and Department of Environment, Northern Ireland are taking an important step towards designating five harbour porpoise Special Areas of Conservation! Big congratulations to all the agencies involved.


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