Indus River dolphins be dammed!

Dolphins living close to humans face more threats than those that live far from land and far from human intervention. Dolphins found in coastal and riverine environments therefore are in more immediate danger of extirpation. 

Sea, Cetaceans, Saltire - Volunteering with WDC Shorewatch…

Growing up beside the sea meant that the beach was and still is my favourite place to be. I was always fascinated by the little beasties that lived in the rock pools and nibbled at your toes when you went paddling and I would quite happily spend hours turning over rocks and gazing out to sea hoping to see something bigger…something dolphin like.

My Office Is Getting Quieter...

The sightings of the resident Bottlenose dolphins around the peninsula called Chanonry Point - the place that I call my "office", are getting fewer every week now as the majority of dolphins, including many of the dolphins on the WDC Adopt A Dolphin programme frequent the more outer reaches of this esturine type area of the Inner Moray Firth, wh

An eventful season at the Scottish Dolphin Centre

As the season here in Spey Bay is sadly coming to an end, I thought I’d do a little recap about my experience as this year’s events volunteer at the Scottish Dolphin Centre. All in all, it’s been a blast and I’m very happy that I packed my things and came up here 7 months ago.

Responsible Whale Watching should never be hit or miss

Watching whales in the wild is a wonderful alternative to seeing whales and dolphins in captivity – nothing compares to seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.  Captivity is not only extremely harmful and detrimental to whales and dolphins, but also does a disservice to the people who experience these wonderful beings in a


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