Update on Shanghai belugas

WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) is continuing to work with Merlin Entertainments to identify a permanent solution to secure a better future for three belugas currently housed at Shanghai Oceanworld in China, including their possible release back into the sea.

A brief history of the Southern Residents

WDC will be launching a new campaign soon – stay tuned for more on that! – and I’d like to offer a little background information so that our supporters have all the knowledge they need to help us out with our new endeavor.

Who are the Southern Residents?

Don’t stroke the lions!

When you go to an animal park where they hold animals like lions or bears, there are signs that say “Don’t open the windows of your car!” or “Don’t get out of the car!” or “Don’t try to stroke the animals!” or “Do not reach through the bars!” And people generally follow these instructions because they know that despite the fact that the animals might have been in captivity most of their lives, they are still wild animals which means that their actions and reactions are somewhat hard to foresee.

Virtual Displays: Technology and a More Humane Future for Whales and Dolphins?

Technology is second-nature to most of us and is applied, relied upon, and integrated into most aspects of our daily life from a very early age. Technological advances have changed the face of practically every industry and hold promise for confronting some of the world’s most intractable problems, including hunger, disease, drought, and energy shortages. Technology may also provide a possible source of hope in our efforts to see an end to captive whale and dolphin displays.

A Love Letter to the Gulf of Maine Whales

WDC-NA intern Stephanie Wrobel just completed her internship, and we are as sad to see her go as she is to leave!

Who knew three months could be over so quickly! 89 days seems like such a long time but looking back it feels like it has really only been one month since I started my internship.


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