The coming storm

Whilst I write this, WDCS is gearing up to challenge the UK government on the future of the Moray Firth Special Area of Conservation (SAC). At stake is not just this area of outstanding natural beauty, but the Moray Firth dolphins themselves and indeed perhaps the fundamental principals of marine conservation in the UK.

Not A Nice Day, But.....

I was asked recently over the phone by a buddy of mine "What did you get up to today?" I replied "Oh, not much, just watched a perfectly healthy young whale being euthanased by a vet..." My friend didn't say anything for a minute, he was actually quite choked himself, and he hadn't even been there!

How does a field project continue?

With a lot of support! I wrote a few blogs ago that we are only here because of alot of local support and also the generous grant of Change Happens Foundation. We have so much help from the dive companies, Oasis Divers and Salt Cay Divers, who have been working hard to organize whale watching trips for us to get out on the water.

Sea Life

There is much sea life about, we saw a pod of bottlenose dolphins while out whale watching. Vale saw a manta ray come right into the shallows. Of course, the water is so clear and full of life around the reefs, it just calls out to divers from around the world.

Expanding our research

WDCS is beginning our second year of research in the Turks and Caicos and with this second year, we are expanding our research to cover a larger area for a greater time and expanding our activities. This expansion is in large part possible due to a generous grant from Change Happens Foundation.


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