Intelligent Neighbours

New Scientist Magazine (I have to admit I am a longtime fan of this popular science magazine) has had a series of articles on the search of extraterrestial intelligence and this week the coverage has encouraged a number of letters on the subject.

Vive La France...

I'm just back from a freezing Chanonry Point having gone along with Martin Hind, our local Coastal Ranger, and a group of really nice, keen French agriculture and biology students who are here to see part of the Highlands biodiversity and hopefully some wildlife. Sadly the weather was against us but the sleet and snow stopped for half an hour while we showed them round the Point.

15 Seconds from Salt Cay

While we're waiting for our field season in New England to start, Vale is still seeing, and hearing, whales in the Turks and Caicos! Check out the song she recently recorded. For those who adopt whales, this is the song that "your" whale either heard (if it's a female) or sang (if it's a male).


Our Australian office has been working with the nice people over at Plaza Films who have lent their wonderful creative skills pro bono to produce us a new anti-whaling ad. The ad is inspired by the Japanese love of monster movies, and politely asks them to stop whaling.

Have a look and judge for yourself!


Do whales and dolphins celebrate March 17th? We should commission an urgent field project to discover this important fact and report back ASAP! In the meantime...

10 years ago....

In the life of being an NGO we have just reached the stage where WDCS's websites, in all their guises, are about ten years old.

Japan's Science of the weird

Japan carries out so-called 'scientific whaling', and the results of this studious 'research', apart from ending up on the dinner plate, tends to be peer-reviewed by scientists within the same Japanese Government departments, and is published in only a few 'select' places.


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