Sightings Update....

Hi Everyone,

Today at Chanonry Point I ended up with Sundance, Rainbow (and I think Raindrop was there too) and Moonlight all hunting in the fast current. Moonlight came blasting past with one of her pals, a big dolphin called Midnick, Moonlight stopped at Chanonry but Midnick went powering on, as you can see in the photo.

Sightings Update....

Hi Everyone,

As I had hoped, the bigger tides have brought a few salmon in for our dolphins to eat and this morning I had the welcome sight of Moonlight and Rainbow hunting together at Chanonry Point like you can see in the photo taken this morning.

The White House and Right whale

So the scientific advisors to the US Government are telling the US Executive that further controls on shipping speed in Right whale habitat are needed, - and the Government's reaction: - Blah!

How traditional is eating whale meat in Japan?

I think I may have written on this issue before, but its actually incredible that when you begin to investigate behind the rhetoric, the Japanese arguments for whale meat being an integral part of 'being Japanese' start to waver and then crumble. The Ashai Shibun, a respected Japanese newspaper, earlier this month tackled this very issue.

I quote the article directly here;

Heading Stateside

I'm shocked to see I haven't blogged for nearly a month - time flies when you're busy re-launching web sites!!


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