Right Whales: A Love Story

Right Whales: A Love Story

Episode 1

Carl Safina

What makes an animal “lovable”?  Images of puppies, pandas and elephants dominate the internet under this subject.  Even in the whale world there are many species who are impressive and “personable” (humpbacks, grey whales, most dolphins and porpoises) and make it easy to say “That’s my favorite animal!”.  The North Atlantic right whale is seldom included in that group. 

Winter at OrcaLab

A guest post from David and Brittney Cannamore who are caretaking OrcaLab for Paul and Helena for the winter with the help of their cat, Porter, and rabbit, Penny. They’re spending their days scanning for transients, roaming in the woods, and keeping the wood stove roaring. Originally from Alaska, they’re enjoying the “warm” British Columbia winter.


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