News from the orca world

Big things are happening for Pacific Northwest orcas!  Here's an overview of the 2015 news so far:

Lolita is Now Officially a Southern Resident!

Business as Usual in Taiji?

Another drive hunt season has come to an end in the coastal whaling town of Taiji, Japan. Looking at the numbers of dolphins killed this season, there has been much speculation about what the trends might be telling us.

Journey to the Ross Sea #8

We have been making our way through the sea ice for the last few days as we head across the Amundsen Sea. Adelie and Emperor penguins continue to float past on ice floes like extras in the latest Wallace and Gromit movie.

Journey to the Ross Sea #7

It is the end of February here at the end of the world and the signs of summer fading are everywhere. The penguin rookeries are quickly emptying and those chicks still moulting are unlikely to survive so late in the season.


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