A ’Peek’ at Spey bay

Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am one of this year’s education volunteers at the Scottish Dolphin Centre, and very excited about it too! I thought I would just do a quick fire introduction, so not to bore you.

Spey Bay is buzzing

Today is the day before our Really Wild Festival, and the staff here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre is buzzing with anticipation. I am very excited about the big event and am looking forward to seeing the place be flooded by visitors having a great day out. But we are not alone in being busy.

Introductions, Voyages and Warriors

Muc-mhara-crotach – the gaelic for humpback whale. This was taught to me during the first hour of the Easter Sunday event by a very cheerful little boy, who then revealed that it was his favourite whale. The fact that it is also my favourite whale is a coincidence that made us both smile!


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