Spey Bay is buzzing

Today is the day before our Really Wild Festival, and the staff here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre is buzzing with anticipation. I am very excited about the big event and am looking forward to seeing the place be flooded by visitors having a great day out. But we are not alone in being busy.

Introductions, Voyages and Warriors

Muc-mhara-crotach – the gaelic for humpback whale. This was taught to me during the first hour of the Easter Sunday event by a very cheerful little boy, who then revealed that it was his favourite whale. The fact that it is also my favourite whale is a coincidence that made us both smile!

Lean time for “fat cats“ in Iceland

Icelandic fin whaler, Kristjan Loftsson (pictured in blue jumper below, fourth left), has not had a good couple of weeks. The Icelandic media continues to be relentless in its criticism of the billionaire following his recent re-election as Chair of the board of seafood giant, HB Grandi.  


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