Happy birthday WDC, and here’s to the next 30 years!

WDC is 30 years-old and I am incredibly proud of the team of people - staff, volunteers, partners and supporters - who have helped achieve our many successes during those three decades. But the very fact that WDC is needed more today than we have ever been should cause us to reflect.

Opportunity lost in EU Ministers bycatch vote

On Tuesday there was an important vote in the European Parliament Fisheries Committee about fisheries conservation measures including future bycatch measures for dolphins, porpoises and whales. Here is a summary of what happened in the vote on bycatch

Future of European dolphins lies in EU Fisheries Committee hands TODAY!

Today (on Tuesday afternoon), MEPs from across Europe will vote on a range of fisheries measures aimed to conserve fish stocks, habitats and protected species. The vote will include measures to protect dolphins, porpoises and whales, as well as seabirds, seals and turtles, from incidental entanglement in fishing gear.

Eaten to Extinction?

The plight of the large whales at the hands of commercial whalers both historically and currently, is well documented.


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